Marriage Experts That Make a Difference!

There are people who have done extensive marriage research and/or worked with thousands of couples. These experts know what makes a marriage work and what makes a marriage fail. I refer to these experts regularly.  

With the divorce rate around 45%, one could wonder if anyone knows how to make a marriage work. There are reasons why the divorce rate is so high, which I cover in a blog post, but one thing is certain. The folks listed below are true marriage experts. Their advice works. In the following blog posts I write about them and how you can follow them. 

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What Makes Someone a Marriage Expert?

There are several characteristics of a real marriage expert. They do extensive research and/or has extensive practical experience.

They thinks outside the box by using multiple techniques or disciplines, not just one or two.

They create their own model to explain how things work based on the extensive research and/or practical experience.

They lead the field.

They see the world more black and white based on research and results. They stand firm on what they see that works, not giving in to political, cultural, or professional correctness.

They are results oriented.

Lastly, they are always a student and adapting.

Want to Know More What These Experts Say?

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