Marriage Principles

Ordinary marriage advice and tips lead to ordinary results - a divorce rate of 45%. Marriage Principles are enduring and define a direction, a course of action, from which happily married couples base their marriage upon. 

A principle is defined as a fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior. The marriage principles below are the core of what certified coach Mark Jala and Happy Marriage Coaching believes in and teaches.

Why Marriage Principles Matter!

Marriage principles guide your marriage. They are more than just tips or random advice. Marriage principles direct behaviors and thought processes. When a couple struggles with their marriage, principles can guide them out of the problems and on to a path of love and connection.

Dr. Gottman, the leading marriage researcher, in 1999 wrote a book called The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. It is an excellent and highly recommended book. The blog posts above explore some of those principles and explore others based on the research of various other marriage experts.

When you have a set of principles you and your partner can agree on, it is a good idea to print them out and frame them, hanging them on a wall each partner will see every day. 

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