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Ordinary marriage advice and tips lead to ordinary results - a divorce rate of 45%. Such advice focuses on symptoms of marriage problems. At Happy Marriage Coaching, the marriage advice you get here focuses on what makes a difference - a focus on root causes of problems.

There are over 1 billion marriage related resources on the internet. Over 95% of them, by themselves,  are not useful for a long-term happy marriage.

Image you contract to have a custom home built. In a couple of months the builder invites you to see their progress. You go onsite and see a beautiful, perfectly crafted, masterfully built... roof, sitting on the muddy ground. Your house needs a roof. But is it what you need right now? No. 

Before you need a roof, you need a good foundation and structure built. Most marriage advice is like the roof. You need it, but to build, repair, or rebuild a marriage, you must start with a solid marriage foundation. The blog posts below cover all aspects of building a happy long-term marriage.

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How Do I Know What Marriage Advice I Need?

My Marriage Tripod Model describes a 3-legged tripod to symbolize the process of building a happy, long-term marriage. All three legs have to be firmly on the ground for it to work.

The first leg is the most important. It is the marriage foundation which is made up of emotional intelligence and meeting our 3 sets of needs. Without a firm foundation, all advice is like the roof sitting on the muddy ground.

The second leg represents the best practices for building a happy marriage. This is what most common marriage advice focuses on. You need it, but not until the marriage foundation is in place. At HMC, the second leg is explained in the context of having our needs met and with emotional intelligence.

The third leg is building a sustainable long term happy marriage through a commitment to constant improvement and managing conflict. With a firm foundation and daily marriage building practices, the focus is on maintaining the happy marriage for the long-term.

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