Finally, Marriage Services That Can save or Repair your marriage in weeks instead of months.

It's OK to be skeptical. There is so much information available, yet divorces range between 600,000 to 1 million every year, for decades. There has to be a reason. There is!

Ordinary marriage services focus on the surface problems, do not address the root causes of the real marriage issues, and do not provide proper context or execution for advice given.

Let me introduce you to services that are different and effective. I have developed an effective way to get to the root causes of marriage problems. In doing so, you can see improvements in your marriage in weeks instead of months!

Mark Jala

Mark Jala
Certified Coach in
Strategic Interventions

Marriage Services - Efficient and Effective

Not all marriage service providers are the same. Happy Marriage Coaching provides a full range of services including low-cost and short time frame services.

Personal One-On-One Coaching

Marriage Coaching

Personal Coaching
One-on-One Coaching

Personal one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to save or improve your marriage. Customize the amount of sessions to your needs. Conducted by phone or video calls. Schedule your initial call today.

Break Free

Break Free From Porn
One-On-One Coaching

Porn is a complex problem to resolve. It is 3 problems, not one. I help the husband break free from porn, emotionally heal your wife, and repair your marriage in 90 days. Stop the compulsion now. 

Master Courses

Reignite the Love

Reignite the Love (RTL)
Online Course

RTL is a cost-effective and comprehensive Master Course. In just 7-weeks, the course covers affection, respect, sex, finances, anger, defensiveness, conflict, communications, and more!

Mini Courses

Creating a Better Marriage SOLO (By Yourself)

Communication Skills for a Happier Marriage

Managing Conflict in Marriage

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