Mark Jala

Mark Jala
Certified Coach in
Strategic Interventions

Finally, marriage services that can save or improve your marriage in just a few weeks. It is normal to be skeptical with so much information available, and a divorce rate consistently around 45%.

Ordinary services focus on techniques and skills of how to relate with your spouse. The information is often factually correct, but lacks the required context and execution plan.

Let me introduce you to services that are different and effective. All of my services have a focus on the marriage foundation, which includes your personal needs and emotional intelligence. Your individual needs provides a context that connects with you as the individual you are. Emotional intelligence gives you skills and an execution plan that helps you in all aspects of life. 

The only sure way to save or improve a marriage is to focus on the marriage foundation. Anything else is a proven waste of time and money.

Marriage Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to save or improve a marriage. Customize the amount of sessions to your needs. Schedule a call today.

Break Free from Porn

Break Free From Porn

Porn is a complex problem to resolve because it is 3 problems, not one. Help the husband break free from porn, emotionally heal the wife, and repair your marriage in 90 days. 

Reignite the Love

Reignite the Love

The most cost-effective program to save or repair your marriage. RTL is a hybrid program that blends group coaching with long-term email support and weekly calls.