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"Personal Coaching is the most effective way to resolve marriage problems.

Add more affection, sex, respect, and intimate conversation to your marriage."

Don't let the problems get worse. Start today!

Results You Can Expect From Personal Marriage Coaching

Individuals or couples who actively participate in Personal Marriage Coaching can expect many benefits. In addition to resolved problems, the following are some common results. Results vary based on how thorough the individual or couple participates in the coaching program. Honesty is essential in all communications and assessments.


Your partner will shower you with more and meaningful affection, in the way you desire to have affection.


Your partner will be more willing to have sex. It will be more intimate and emotional.

Intimate Conversations

Your partner will be interested in talking with you, hearing what you have to say, and connect with you emotionally.

Respect and Admiration

Your partner will show you respect and give you honest and meaningful admiration.

Honesty and Openness

Your partner will not hide anything. A new level of honesty and openness will be freely given.

Recreational Support

Your partner will support you in your recreational hobbies and activities, either directly or indirectly.

"As a marriage coach, I solve marriage problems by
educating and motivating individuals and couples
to do what they may not want to do, but need to do,
so they can have the marriage they desire."
Mark Jala

The state of marriage today is not pretty. Divorce is between 40% to 50%, and more than 40% of couples say they are not happy.

Did you know that the average couple looking to improve their marriage wait 6 or more years before getting marriage coaching or counseling? By that time, the pain and resentment is so ingrained into the relationship, the couple has made it very difficult to improve the marriage. In fact, by that time, one of the partners has usually already checked out of the marriage and is only going along with the counseling as a step to get a divorce.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me tell you what it takes to have an AWESOME marriage.

  • It takes a commitment to the marriage that goes beyond the altar, and is demonstrated with a little time every day.
  • It takes a deep level of understanding of exactly who you are and who your spouse is.
  • It takes current knowledge of what makes a marriage work and what makes a marriage fail.
  • It takes putting that knowledge into action using proven strategies that, when followed, guides you through the most difficult of times. 
  • It takes motivation, either internal or external, that helps you envision the desired marriage you want and encourages you to take the necessary actions to make that marriage a reality. 

That is a tall order, but it has been done and it is being done by countless people who truly desire to make their marriage work.

Happy Marriage

The Pain of Marriage Troubles

There are many causes of marriage problems. Whether they are minor, moderate, or serious problems, some combination of the following may exist in the marriage relationship: 

  • A partner may care more about themselves with little regard for the other partner. 
  • Partners may criticize one another with harsh and personal attacks. 
  • A partner may make selfish demands upon the other partner.
  • There is a lack of honesty and openness between the couple.
  • The couple acts independently of each other without regard for the partner.
  • A partner may develop annoying habits that angers the other partner.
  • Partners may show disrespect towards one another in private and in public.
  • Partners may have trouble talking with one another without one getting angry or defensive.

Living With Marriage Problems

Married couple fighting

Relationship problems are painful. There is a hurt that goes deep down to our core and makes it hard to breathe sometimes. When boundaries are crossed, trust is lost. You don’t know if you can believe what your partner is saying. Fear grips you and makes you have doubts about the future. 

You try to make things work by giving more. You’ve given so much you don’t know if you have anything left to give. 

You try to talk about the problems, but your partner doesn’t want to, perhaps even leaving the room. You often feel like a roommate with your partner instead of a spouse. 

You Can Have an Awesome Marriage

Given how things are right now, it might be hard to imagine being abundantly happy. You are here now on this page looking for answers. You want things to change and I believe you are willing to take the necessary actions to make it happen. 

I honor you for your efforts. Acknowledging marital problems is not easy, but you did it. You have done something those still in denial have not been able to do. 

I want to help you. My Personal Marriage Coaching program may be what you are looking for. It offers a personal touch, guidance, instruction, and motivation, all done through the website and by Skype video or phone calls. It is the most effective coaching program available for couples with moderate to severe issues. It focuses on where you want your marriage to be, the current problems, and various strategies to achieve long-term happiness. 

Married Couple

Why Personal Marriage Coaching Works

There are many reasons why Personal Marriage Coaching can help your marriage.

  • As a certified coach in Strategic Interventions, I aim to resolve the root causes of the problems, along with the problems that appear on the surface. This provides the best long-term results with a minimal chance of the problems recurring.
  • I take a holistic approach to coaching. True happiness extends beyong your marriage. As you go through the coaching program, you will learn how to be happier with yourself, your partner, your friends, and in life.  
  • Recommended actions are based on the best practices of top marriage experts like Dr. John Gottman, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Willard Harley, Jr., Cloe Madanes, Tony Robbins, Dr. Greg Baer, Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs, Dr. Gary Chapman, and more.

How Personal Marriage Coaching Works

How much coaching a couple needs depends on the extent of the problems. There is no "one size fits all."

In general, I have found that couples with mild to moderate problems can be best served with up to 4 marriage coaching sessions.

Those with moderate to severe marriage problems can be best served with 8 or more coaching sessions.

The Personal Coaching program is flexible. Every session is designed to meet your needs where you are right now. My job as the coach is to pick up on those needs and get to the root of the problems. This is why my coaching sessions are 1-hour long to assure adequate time.

By the end of the coaching sessions, you will have the tools and strategies to handle the problems that brought you here should they come up again in the future! 

I work with individuals or couples.

Coaching sessions are available as individual sessions, or a package of 8 coaching sessions.

For those signing up for multiple coaching sessions, I recommend weekly sessions. Coaching sessions are 1-hour long and conducted over the phone or with Skype video.

Happily Married

It's a New Day

The people who join my Personal Marriage Coaching Program are dedicated to their marriage. 

  • They have many reasons why they want their marriage to work. 
  • They are willing to put in the necessary effort, sometimes even knowing their spouse may not support them. 
  • They understand that it is the right thing to do to love their spouse, even when the spouse is unlovable. 
  • They are looking for motivation, knowledge, strategies, and support. 

Limited Number of Clients

I can only serve 10 Personal Marriage Coaching clients at one time. I take my coaching very seriously and do not want to give less than 100% attention. Too much is at stake. With 4 coaching calls per month, preparation, follow-up, support, and my other coaching programs, I simply cannot serve more than 10 Personal Coaching clients.


Click on the appropriate button below to sign up now. When I reach my 10 Personal Coaching client limit, it may be months before I can be of service to you.  

Personal Coaching Session


  • 1 Coaching Session
  • No E-mail Support
  • 1 Hour Long
  • Beginning & Ending Assessments, and Action Plan

2 Month Personal Coaching Package

$1,700 - Save 15%

  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • E-mail Support!
  • 1 Hour Long Sessions
  • Beginning & Ending Assessments, and Action Plan

My Goal for You (and What I Want)

My goal for you is to have a life-long marriage full of love, respect, and emotional connection. 

Sometimes I get asked why I do marriage coaching. The answer is simple – I care. I see what divorce does to couples and to children. When I coach, there are things that I want:  

  • I want you to have a whole new mind-blowing understanding of who you are and who your partner is. This understanding can be a game changer in your marriage. 
  • I want you to have an inner happiness that takes pressure off of the expectations of the marriage and your partner. 
  • I want to see you on the path where you can self-direct your marriage happiness and not need my services. 
  • I want you to have a marriage that is so awesome, it is so much better than anything you ever dreamed about. 

Personal Coaching Session


  • 1 Coaching Session
  • No E-mail Support
  • 1 Hour Long
  • Beginning & Ending Assessments, and Action Plan

2 Month Personal Coaching Package

$1,700 - Save 15%

  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • E-mail Support!
  • 1 Hour Long Sessions
  • Beginning & Ending Assessments, and Action Plan

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