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FREE GUIDE - Had enough with porn? An honest look at how to get the marriage you want.

Get results with 2 proven exercises

  • The most common approach to stop porn doesn't work. Yet, it's the first thing most wives tell their husbands to do. Discover what it is.
  • Counselors and therapists usually focus on the porn. The biggest issue is not the porn. Learn why a dual-track approach is required to get the marriage you desire. 
  • Are you sick and tired of how things are now? Imagine how excited you will be when you feel safe and vulnerable again with your partner.

A Program Not Just Better, But Different!

Happy Marriage Coaching blends the best characteristics of Life Coaching, Strategic Interventions, and the best proven practices of top marriage experts. The result is a comprehensive, holistic, and sustainable approach to marriage improvement.

A Broken System Ending With Marriage Counseling / Therapy

  • Couples often get professional help only as a last resort
  • Waiting too long lowers the chances of marriage repair
  • One partner often resists counseling
  • Counselors often don't provide low cost services
  • Counselors often only provide in-office services
  • 25% to 38% still end in divorce
  • Counseling focuses on the past
  • Counseling focuses on problems
  • Counseling can take many years
  • Good for personality disorders
  • Good for mental health issues

Happy Marriage Coaching Programs Offer an Effective Alternative!

Life Coaching

  • Goal focused - You set the goals
  • Vision a positive future
  • Understand yourself better
  • Understand your partner better
  • Educational

Strategic Interventions

  • Gets to the root issues
  • Empowers the client
  • Works very quickly
  • Helps clients change behaviors 
  • Focuses on skills and strategies

Expert Best Practices

  • Communications
  • Sex
  • Conflict resolution
  • Gender differences
  • Love and affection

​​​​Marriage coaching programs

Happy Marriage Coaching

Happy Marriage Coaching - 
Personal Coaching
Designed for those with severe marriage problems, Personal Coaching is the quickest and most effective way to resolve marriage issues. Effective for both couples or one partner. Use Skype video or phone.

Reignite the Love

The REIGNITE Program -

Coaching Course
Designed for those with moderate to severe marriage issues who do not want to involve a personal coach. Learn how to solve your marriage issues in the privacy of your own home. Coming Soon!

Reignite the Love MFC

The REIGNITE Program -
Minor Issues Coaching Course
Designed for those with minor marriage issues who don't want the minor issues becoming moderate problems. The online course offers full email support and a quick-start module. Bring back the passion. Coming Soon!


Experts Marriage Appraisal

Experts Marriage Appraisal

Learn the true state of your marriage as seen from a marriage expert! Answer 30 true/false statements. Covers 30 different criteria experts consider very important in marriage. Topics include selfishness, defensiveness, sex, finances, secrets, and 25 more. Take it today!


Experts Marriage Appraisal - The NEXT STEP
You took my Experts Marriage Appraisal. You have your score. Now, learn exactly what it means and how to increase the love, sex, and affection! Includes the same strategy I use in my initial $250 personal coaching session. Works if you are doing this solo or with your partner. 



Take your marriage from blah to bliss in as little as 10 days. Follow my best strategy with step-by-step instructions.

Dinner Talk

Dinner Talk Couples Edition

200 conversation topics designed to build a strong marriage foundation. A few minutes a day is all it takes. 

1 Skill

Solve Marriage Problems

Learn the #1 skill to solving most marriage problems. Step by step instructions makes it easy to learn and apply.

Resolve Money Issues

Resolve Money Issues

To resolve money issues in marriage, both finances and marriage must be addressed. 8 step-by-step strategies, more.

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