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What would marriage experts say is the true ​​​​​status of
your marriage?

Take My Online Experts Marriage Appraisal To Find Out Now!

Inspired by a dozen top marriage experts, this 30 question, 30 criteria appraisal reveals how experts evaluate the true state of a marriage.

When you take the appraisal, you get:

  • A score and an explanation what that score means
  • Your 2 most important challenges
  • What your Next Step is to improve the quality of your marriage
  • A follow-up email that addresses the questions in the appraisal and what they mean to your marriage 

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Which Experts Inspired the Appraisal?

Dr. John Gottman
Dr. John Gray
Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs
Cloe Madanes
Dr. Greg Baer
Tony Robbins
Dr. Willard Harley, Jr.
Jack Canfield

...And 4 More!

An Effective Alternative to Marriage Counseling

"It pains me to see couples having marriage problems.
This is why I became certified in Strategic Interventions, and continue to research what the best marriage experts know.
- To make a difference.
Every coaching program, blog post, and email is designed to help couples improve the quality of their marriage. To that end, I developed the 10 Keys to a Happy Marriage.
Here are the 4 core principles my practice is all about."
Marriage Coach Mark Jala

1. Happy Life - Happy Marriage

Every facet of our life impacts marriage. Health. Finances. Career. Children. Spirituality. Aging. In-laws. Communication. Live a fulfilled life and marriage.

2. Marriage Foundation - Keys 1 Through 5

Lay a solid foundation to your marriage. Learn how to take command and control of your emotions! Anger, depression, and triggers can be conquered. 

3. Marriage Essentials - Keys 6 Through 8

As a marriage coach. I know what makes a marriage work and what contributes to divorce. Limit negative behaviors, and promote love and affection.

4. Create Passion - Keys 9 Through 10

We all have past hurts and triggers. When we learn how to resolve them, we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable and passionate with our partner.

​​​​Marriage coaching programs

Personal Marriage Coaching

Happy Marriage Coaching - 
Personal Coaching
Designed for those with severe marriage problems, Personal Coaching is the quickest and most effective way to resolve marriage issues. Effective for both couples or one partner. Use Skype video or phone.

Group Coaching

The REIGNITE Program -

Coaching Course
Designed for those with moderate marriage issues who do not want to involve a personal coach. Learn how to solve your own marriage issues through practical coaching. Full email support. Coming Soon!

OK to Awesome

The REFOCUS Program -
Coaching Course
Designed for those with minor marriage issues who don't want the minor issues becoming moderate problems. The online course offers full email support and a quick-start module. Bring back the passion. Coming Soon!


Experts Marriage Appraisal

Experts Marriage Appraisal

Learn the true state of your marriage as seen from a marriage expert! Answer 30 true/false statements. Covers 30 different criteria experts consider very important in marriage. Topics include selfishness, defensiveness, sex, finances, secrets, and 25 more. Take it today!


Experts Marriage Appraisal - The NEXT STEP
You took my Experts Marriage Appraisal. You have your score. Now, learn exactly what it means and how to increase the love, sex, and affection! Includes the same strategy I use in my initial $250 personal coaching session. Works if you are doing this solo or with your partner. 



Take your marriage from blah to bliss in as little as 10 days. Follow my best strategy with step-by-step instructions.

Dinner Talk

Dinner Talk Couples Edition

200 conversation topics designed to reignite and repair the love in your marriage. A few minutes a day is all it takes. 

1 Skill

Solve Marriage Problems

Learn the #1 skill to solving most marriage problems. Step by step instructions makes it easy to learn and apply.

Resolve Money Issues

Resolve Money Issues

To resolve money issues in marriage, both finances and marriage must be addressed. 8 step-by-step strategies, more.

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