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The Problem With Common Marriage Advice

Year after year, and decade after decade, the divorce rate is consistently around 45%. There are over a BILLION blog posts, articles, videos, conferences, and podcasts available from coaches, counselors, therapists, and pastors. 

If you want a different result, you have to take a different approach!

Most marriage advice fails because it is delivered without a proper context and execution plan.

The Solution

Mark Jala

Mark Jala - Certified Coach
Founder of Happy Marriage Coaching

Welcome to Happy Marriage Coaching!

My marriage services are different. I provide a context and execution plan most marriage service providers fail to provide. In my nearly 40 years of problem solving experience, I discovered couples looking to save or improve their marriage MUST address their marriage foundation.

A marriage is only as strong as its foundation. The marriage foundation is comprised of your 13 Personal Needs and executed with Emotional Intelligence.

All of my coaching, whether it is to my email subscribers, video watchers, or clients of my marriage coaching services, receive advice with context and an execution plan. Experience the difference for yourself. I invite you to join the Happy Marriage Coaching family! Subscribe to my email newsletter.


Whether you need one-on-one coaching individually or as a couple, to low-cost group online coaching I have you covered. 

Marriage Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to save or improve a marriage. Customize the amount of sessions to your needs. Schedule a call today.

Break Free from Porn

Break Free From Porn

Porn is a complex problem to resolve because it is 3 problems, not one. Help the husband break free from porn, emotionally heal the wife, and repair your marriage in 90 days. 

Reignite the Love

Reignite the Love

The most cost-effective program to save or repair your marriage. RTL is a hybrid program that blends group coaching with long-term email support and weekly calls.

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