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Common marriage advice results in a divorce rate of 45%. 

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Most Marriage Advice is Incomplete

Nearly 50% of couples report they are unhappy.  

  • The tone of voice is so disrespectful. It's like I'm an enemy.
  • Complete lack of affection. So non-caring.
  • The constant promise of "It'll get better." How long am I supposed to wait?
  • No sex at all. She makes one excuse after another. What am I supposed to do?
  • He treats everyone so much better than me, like he values them more than me.

With the internet, there is an abundance of resources available online. Marriage tips and advice blogs, books, podcasts, and video's account for a whopping 1.5 BILLION results. There is no shortage of marriage counselors, therapists, coaches, or pastors.   

And yet... with all of this info... the divorce rate is still 45%.

Experts Marriage Appraisal

With all the resources and experts available, why are so many marriages hurting and in pain

The answer is simple.

The vast majority of marriage advice is incomplete, focusing on treating symptoms, but does not address the foundational, root issues that cause the problem!

Roof on Ground

Imagine having a house built. After a few weeks you visit the construction site, and you see a beautiful, masterfully crafted, wonderfully designed.... roof... sitting on the muddy ground. You need a roof, but you need a foundation and walls first.

The vast majority of marriage advice is like that roof. You need it, but you need a solid foundation and walls first. Everything rests on the foundation. Every marriage issue - communication, affection, sex, arguing, finances, porn, etc., can be traced to the marriage foundation.

Why a Solid Marriage Foundation is Critical

Happy Marriage

A good marriage foundation is made up of:

  • Having the 13 Personal Needs Met in BOTH Partners, and
  • Each Partner Developing the Skills of Emotional Intelligence

Just as we have physical needs to survive, we also have personal needs. Without food or water, we physically die. Without our personal needs, we feel unloved, depressed, and unfulfilled. We each have 13 personal needs. When both partners meet the majority of these needs in each other, there is a long-term, unbreakable bond.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to the skills that help you become aware of your feelings, those of your partner, and use this awareness to empower yourself in all aspects of life.

The Reignite the Love Coaching Program helps you to discover your 13 personal needs, teach you the skills of emotional intelligence, and integrates both aspects of the marriage foundation into every lesson throughout the 6-week program.

REIGNITE THE LOVE - Program Overview

Reignite the Love

Personal one-on-one marriage coaching is an effective way to resolve root marriage problems. The drawback is that one-on-one time with a certified marriage coach can be expensive. A cost-effective alternative is a hybrid coaching program that helps a group of couples through calls or webinars, exclusive training materials, and private one-on-one email support. Welcome to Reignite the Love!  

Reignite the Love is a cost effective 6-week marriage coaching program that gets long-term results. 

With weekly coaching calls/webinars, exclusive training materials and assessments, and 3 full months of private email support, couples get the coaching they need to reignite their love to develop a happy marriage. All coaching sessions are downloadable within 24 hours. Lessons and exercises are available to view or download. 

3 Steps to Reignite Your Marriage

Step 1

Build a Solid Marriage Foundation. The foundation is the core of marriage. Nothing lasts without a solid foundation.

Step 2

 Marriage Best Practices. These are the mechanics, or day-to-day consistent actions that build a happy marriage.

Step 3

Long-Term Practices. Learn how to manage conflict like a pro, and create lasting happiness.

What is Covered in the 3 Simple Steps

This unique and effective program covers all the topics necessary to build a happy long-term marriage

Step 1:
Build a solid foundation:

  • Discover your 13 personal needs and 65 ways your partner can meet them
  • Learn the skills of emotional intelligence. Empower yourself to control your feelings.
  • Learn the skills to develop empathy. Connect with your partner on a deep emotional level.
  • See how what you focus on can change your marriage.
  • What it really means to take 100% responsibility.
  • Why the 80/20 rule can be your friend but most use it as an enemy.
  • Learn how you can change your mood almost instantly!
  • See how your expectations are cheating you of love.
  • What you should NEVER do but most couples do that hurts the marriage.
  • Learn the rules you may not even be aware of that are controlling your actions. 

Step 2:
Best Practices Actions:

  • Discover why your partner does the things they do, and knowing it, gives you freedom.
  • The one practice that turns most marriages sour, and how to avoid it.
  • Learn this one communication practice that men actually like to do, and women love.
  • See how easy it is to mend past wounds!
  • Why showing admiration to your partner is a must and not optional, no matter what. 
  • Why polarity of masculine and feminine energies affects your personal happiness.
  • The one thing you are already doing, but can be a much BETTER benefit to your marriage.
  • Learn how making some subtle changes in daily behavior can have massive long-term benefits.
  • Discover the list of things never to do in marriage, but most couples do.

Step 3:
Make the Marriage Last:

  • Learn how to overcome gridlock with a simple change of mindset.
  • Learn the one easy strategy to overcome everyday conflict. 
  • The single best way to develop inner peace.
  • Couples that are constantly angry with one another fail to do one simple thing. Doing it disarms both sides. 
  • Discover a major reason for discord, and how to stop it.
  • Use this one mindset to your advantage and you'll never have to worry about the quality of your marriage again. 
  • How to challenge a belief system you probably have and why it's necessary to do so. 
  • Did you know most marital issues can never be solved? Learn how to manage those and solve the issues that can be solved.
  • Learn how raising your standards can improve your life and your marriage.

Meet  Your Coach

Mark Jala

You can have a happy marriage, feel deep respect from your partner, and enjoy peace and security at home. Hello, my name is Mark Jala. For almost 40 years I have helped solve complex problems in multiple fields. The skills I developed over the years can transform your marriage.

As a certified coach in Strategic Interventions I help couples get to the root cause of their marriage troubles. I blend the best features of life coaching, Strategic Interventions, and the best practices of top marriage experts into a results-oriented coaching experience like no other.

Through coaching calls, exclusive training materials and assessments, and private email support, I expect to see dramatic changes in your marriage. 

I want you to experience the many benefits of this new program. 

  • Imagine feeling deep love and connection with your partner
  • Imagine being free from the anger and stress of past problems
  • Imagine intimacy and better sex than you ever thought possible

THAT is what this new program can do for you, your partner, and your marriage. I welcome you to Reignite the Love today! 


Does this program require both husband and wife to participate?

No. All lessons cover both situations where both partners are active and working towards a happier marriage, and also the solo situation where only one partner is actively working on the marriage. In full disclosure, it is quicker if both partners are involved. However, the solo environment is perfectly fine. Often, one partner has to demonstrate their commitment to the marriage and show that they are willing to take action first before the other partner joins in.

My partner wants to do this also. Does each partner pay?

No. The price of the program includes BOTH you and your partner. If your partner isn't interested, you can invite a friend or family member to join you.

Do we have to do this program for 6 straight weeks?

Yes and No. Reignite the Love is a 6-week program. However, all conference calls/webinars are recorded and made available afterwards. If you miss a call, that is OK. You can play or download the recording anytime afterwards. Your access to the website does not expire. While the program run 6 weeks, you can take your time and review the material on your schedule.

Do you guarantee the program will work?

YES! Mark is so sure the program will work for you, he provides a 100% 7-day Money Back Guarantee. If after the first week you do not feel the program is right for you, no problem. A full 100% of your money is refunded.  

How does this program compare to others?

There is no comparison. Mark's Reignite the Love Coaching Program is the most comprehensive and sustainable program available. Using 3 simple steps, Mark lays out a methodical process that builds love and affection from one step to the other. Reignite the Love is a unique program, and when you consider all that is included, Mark is sure you will see the abundant value of the program.

Is this a Christian or faith-based program?

While Mark is a Christian, and he makes sure nothing he teaches goes against Christian principles, he does not call this a Christian based program. If you are familiar with his email newsletter or Facebook page, you know he does reference scripture on occasion. Mark believes that having a relationship with God does help in marriage. He does not require clients to be believers, nor does he push a Christian agenda in his coaching.

Six weeks is fast. Are you sure everything I need is covered?

Yes, six weeks is fast, by design, and an example of how different this program really is. Many coaches and counselors try to address every situation a couple can face, like communication, sex, fighting, money, appreciation, etc. This approach has good short-term results, but poor long-term results. The problem is that this approach addresses the surface issues, or symptoms of problems. Mark has found, through his nearly 40 years of experience, is that long-term results come from solving the root problems and not dealing with surface issues. If the root problems, or foundational problems, are not resolved, they will manifest themselves over time in a variety of ways. In step 1, Mark helps you build a solid foundation that helps resolve issues in the long term. Additionally, in step 3, Mark teaches how to address conflicts that can occur long after the course is finished.

The Value of Reignite the Love


Weekly Group Sessions

  • Six (6) 1-hour group sessions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Proven 3-step process

$1,800 value


All Sessions Downloadable

  • Unlimited Replay
  • Don't miss anything
  • Repeat the exercises

$900 value


3 Months of Private Email Support

  • Ask any questions
  • Continued support
  • Answered by Mark Jala

$180 value


Lessons and Assessments

  • 17 Training Lessons
  • 5 Assessments
  • All Materials Downloadable

$900 value


Full 7-day 100% guarantee from when the program starts! If for any reason you find the program is not for you, email or use the Reignite the Love contact form, and your money will be refunded. Any future payment plans will be canceled.    

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