Partner Priorities

Are you making your marriage a priority? Are you SHOWING your partner it is a priority to you? What exactly is a priority? Per the Webster dictionary, priorities are "the things that someone cares about and thinks are important."

Saying something is a priority and demonstrating it are two very different things. Quick quiz. What are 5 ways you demonstrate to your partner your marriage is a high priority?

Make your partner a priority

Some easy ways to demonstrate to your partner that your marriage is a priority is with time and money. By spending time with your partner SHOWS them that they are important to you.

In the same manner, when you buy gifts for your partner, or agree to expenditures your partner wants, that tells them you care.

Those are easy. But what are some other ways you can show them they are a priority?

  1. 1
    Fulfill Their 13 Personal Needs. Our needs are so important. We will do whatever we can to get our needs fulfilled. When our needs are NOT met, we will sometimes do what is not in our best long-term interests to fulfill our needs right now. Be the one to fulfill their needs.

    If I were to ask you what are your needs, how many would you come up with? Would it surprise you to know there are actually 3 groups of needs totaling 13? I cover the 13 Personal Needs in all of my coaching services.
  2. 2
    Build Their Love Map. The Love Map is everything you know about your partner. When you first dated, you spent a lot of time getting to know them. Guess what? You should NEVER stop getting to know your partner! We change all the time. Always spend time getting to know your partner better.
  3. 3
    Stay in Touch. During the day and when you are apart, always stay in touch. Through phone calls and text messages, you can signal to your partner that you care about them and are interested in what's going on in their day.
  4. 4
    Date Nights. You should be going on a Date Night at least once a month. You don't have to spend a lot. You don't even have to go out. It can be during the week. And ladies, please don't wait for your man to book it - you can schedule the date night.

    Date nights are HUGE. This is a great way to spend some intimate time with your partner and demonstrate how important they are to you. 
  5. 5
    Become the Best Partner You Can Be. When you develop yourself to be the best you can be, that is a HUGE gift to your partner. Learn new skills. Become a master at Emotional Intelligence. Your personal development journey gives the two of you a lot to talk about.

    Check out the works of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, and Brian Tracy. There is plenty of free content on their websites and on YouTube. You will feel better about yourself, your future, and learn a lot about success and relationships.
  6. 6
    Listen to Your Partner. I mean REALLY listen. Don't listen to respond, listen to understand. You can't understand your partner or manage common conflicts if you do not understand your partner to the fullest. It is a vital communication skill to develop.

    Listening is part of what I cover in my Master Course called Reignite the Love. It is part of the communications skills necessary to create a happy and long-term marriage.
  7. 7
    Take an Interest in Their Work and Activities. It shows tremendous support when you attend a work event with your partner, or support them from the sidelines at a sport or hobby they like. It doesn't matter if you like it or not. It's not about you - it's about them.

Setting your priorities is crucial to the success of your marriage. When you make your partner a priority, they will see it and reciprocate the efforts. This is something you can do alone, by yourself, SOLO. YOU have the power to better your marriage all by yourself. Show your partner that they are a priority and watch the results.

About the author

Mark Jala is a certified marriage coach, researcher, and consumer advocate. Certified in Strategic Interventions, Mark bases all of his services and advice on verifiable research. With nearly 40 years of problem solving experience, Mark has developed a holistic approach to marriage coaching which provides a context and execution plan not seen in ordinary marriage services.

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