Cloe Madanes

Cloe Madanes has trained more than 100,000 therapists and is an award winning pioneer in the field of strategic family therapy. She’s authored 7 books and has teamed up with Anthony Robbins with the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. In her book Relationship Breakthrough, Cloe Madanes helps readers rekindle and deepen their intimate relationships. It is an eye-opening book in that it approaches relationships from the very core of relationships.

In working with Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes helps popularize human needs psychology. Behind all of our actions is the desire to fulfill one or more human needs. Conflict and anger are the result of a human need not being met. All marriage and relationship problems, communication, finances, sex, compatibility, career, etc., can all be resolved through a thorough understanding of the root cause of the problem, how we rank our human needs.





Cloe Madanes

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Cloe Madanes and Relationship Breakthrough

In her book Relationship Breakthrough, Cloe Madanes outlines 5 key principles of human needs psychology. They are:

  1. Personal responsibility and respect for one another
  2. Human needs psychology does not use labels
  3. Our choices overrule our circumstances
  4. Self determination is a heavy burden eased with proper goals
  5. Not acting is in itself an action

In another of her books, which I highly recommend, Cloe Madanes covers the topic of money and finances in various stages of relationships. She is not afraid to broach the subject of how money is not just a material weapon but also a spiritual one. Money can be used for good or bad in all stages of relationships. She offers direction on how to use it in your relationships in positive ways.


About the author

Mark Jala is a certified marriage coach, researcher, and consumer advocate. Certified in Strategic Interventions, Mark bases all of his services and advice on verifiable research. With nearly 40 years of problem solving experience, Mark has developed a holistic approach to marriage coaching which provides a context and execution plan not seen in ordinary marriage services.

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