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Solve and Prevent Marriage Problems in 5 Steps

1. Both Partners are 100% accountable to the Marriage

Each partner is 100% responsible for the relationship. Each needs to be honest about mistakes. Focus on what is working and what can be improved.

2. Practice the 10 Keys to a Happy Marriage

The 10 keys are the building blocks of a happy marriage. They fall into 3 categories, the foundation, pillars, and pinnacle. 

Marriage Coach Mark Jala

3. Create Habits to Show Love and Respect.

Affection, love, and sex are easier when you learn healthy ways to give and receive love.

4. Inspire Trust in One Another
Trust is rebuilt when she get the love she needs and he gets the respect he needs.

5. Heal Wounds and Create Passion
Learn how to resolve past hurts and triggers. Be vulnerable and passionate.

Marriage Coaching Programs

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching
For those with moderate to severe marriage problems, Personal Coaching is the most effective program. Use Skype video or phone.

Learn Online

Happy Marriage Academy
An online training program for married couples and those looking to have a happy marriage. Coming Soon!

Wedding Rings

Happy Marriage Forever Club
For those with minor to moderate marriage issues - weekly training teaches how to avoid problems and solve them when they come.


OK to Awesome


Take your marriage from blah to bliss in as little as 30 days. Follow 3 proven strategies and choose from 27 action steps with step-by-step instructions.

Dinner Talk

Dinner Talk Couples Edition

200 conversation topics designed to reignite and repair the love in your marriage. Have the marriage you want in just a few minutes a day.

1 Skill

Solve Marriage Problems

Tips for both men and women teach the #1 skill to a happy marriage. Gain the emotional connection, love, and respect you deserve.

Money Issues

Resolve Money Issues

To resolve money issues in marriage, both finances and marriage must be addressed. 8 step-by-step strategies, debunked money myths, more.

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