I Skill Solve Marriage Problems

Many marriage problems can be fixed. There is 1 skill that is required. This skill is the foundation on which all marriage tips, techniques, and coaching strategies are based upon. Marriage coaches rely on this skill to solve many marriage problems. Once you learn and apply this skill, you can begin to experience the happy marriage you dream about.

I Skill Solve Marriage Problems

As a certified coach in strategic interventions, I am trained to help couples with marriage problems. I help couples to understand themselves and each other at deep levels they have never experienced before. However, before I can perform an intervention, I need to make sure both parties know and are willing to practice this #1 marriage skill. Without it, there is not a tip, technique, or therapy that can help the married couple.

I have a resource I know you will find useful. It is a free e-book called “How to Solve Marriage Problems With Just 1 Skill.” You can get it here:

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Marriage Problems in Life

The sad news is that fewer people know or are willing to practice this marriage skill than ever before. In fact, the marriage skill is really a relationship skill that can apply at home, work, and with friends. We see examples of people not practicing the skill just about every day. You see it too. You come across the lack of the skill when you see or experience the following.

  • You are driving to work and the driver in front of you does not use turn signals.
  • Your neighbor does nothing about his field of dandelions and the seeds are blowing on your manicured lawn.
  • You are traveling to a work meeting that gets abruptly canceled and team members don’t inform you about the cancellation.
  • You visit the company break room for lunch and put your covered food in the microwave to find the person before you let their food spill over without cleaning it up.
  • A friend makes assumptions about a situation that jeopardizes the friendship.
  • Your husband does not pay attention to you when you try to talk with him about an important issue you are facing.
  • Your wife blows you off when you approach her about the checking account imbalance.
  • Little things between you and your spouse seem to blow out of control over the smallest things.
  • You and your partner argue more frequently.
  • You don’t feel affection from your spouse.
  • You feel you are living with a roommate and not your spouse.
  • You’ve tried marriage tips you’ve read on the internet, but they don’t work.

In your marriage, all the best tips from marriage experts cannot work without practicing this marriage skill first.

  • When Dr. Gary Chapman talks about the 5 love languages, none of it will work without first practicing this skill.
  • When Dr. John Gray teaches about gender differences in his Mars and Venus series, none of it will work without this skill.
  • When Dr. Greg Baer writes about Real Love, none of it applies without this skill.
  • When Dr. John Gottman teaches his 7 Principles, not 1 of those principles will work without this skill.
  • When Dr. Willard Harley, Jr. teaches his marriage principles, none of it applies without this skill
  • …and the list goes on for every single marriage expert.

This skill applies to not just your marriage, but every aspect of life, at home and at work.

Life Without Common Marriage Problems

Life, when this skill is applied, is pretty much the opposite of everything above.

  • When you approach your husband to talk about your day, he gladly listens.
  • When you approach your wife with something important, she pays careful attention.
  • You feel more affection from your husband.
  • Sex is more passionate and emotional.
  • Marriage tips and advice articles have a whole new meaning.
  • You can be coached to have the marriage you dream about.
  • You can have the emotional connection you desire.
  • …and so much more
1 Skill

Why This Marriage Skill is so Important

As a certified marriage coach I teach while solving marriage problems. What I teach is fundamental and life-changing information. This skill is a prerequisite. My coaching is based on the 6 Pillars of a Happy Marriage. Without this skill, the 6 Pillars will not help your marriage.

  1. Pillar 1 goes over your needs and your partner’s needs, and how they can be fulfilled in a positive way.
  2. Pillar 2 goes into love, sex, affection, how to give love, and how to get the love you need. This one will surprise you.
  3. Pillar 3 is about gender differences and how you can use these differences to your advantage.
  4. Pillar 4 is about the principles of a happy marriage. Experts know what works, and I reveal their best practices.
  5. Pillar 5 goes into the many things that can destroy a healthy marriage. Experts also know what disrupts a marriage.
  6. Pillar 6 is about how to maintain a happy and loving marriage for the long term.

My first session in any of my coaching programs goes into this skill. Without the practice of the skill, you cannot have a happy marriage. Period.

Learn How to Solve Your Marriage Problems Today

I have written a free e-book called How to Solve Marriage Problems With Just 1 Skill. I want you to have it. This e-book is so important to your life and marriage, I’m not charging a single penny for it. It is free. Click on the button below. In this free e-book:

  1. Step by step instructions makes the skill easy to learn and quick to practice
  2. Examples of what to do and what not to do makes it easy to understand and gives you confidence
  3. Tips for both men and women offer specific actions to take for faster results
  4. See results quickly and start living the marriage you dream about

Grab this free e-book today. See how wonderful your marriage can be.

1 Skill
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About the author

Mark Jala is a certified marriage coach, researcher, and consumer advocate. Certified in Strategic Interventions, Mark bases all of his services and advice on verifiable research. With nearly 40 years of problem solving experience, Mark has developed a holistic approach to marriage coaching which provides a context and execution plan not seen in ordinary marriage services.

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