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How to Transform Your Marriage From OK to AWESOME

Marriage OK to AWESOME

This article is about how to take your marriage from OK to AWESOME. As a certified coach I know the OK marriage will either improve or degrade. They are not doing badly now, but things are definitely not as good as they once were. If the minor issues are not addressed now, it will cost […]

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How to Solve Marriage Problems with This 1 Relationship Skill

I Skill Solve Marriage Problems

Many marriage problems can be fixed. There is 1 skill that is required. This skill is the foundation on which all marriage tips, techniques, and coaching strategies are based upon. Marriage coaches rely on this skill to solve many marriage problems. Once you learn and apply this skill, you can begin to experience the happy […]

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Learn How to Make a Happy Marriage Plan – Part 2

Marriage Plan - Part 2

A marriage plan is key to a happy marriage. Marriage coaches, counselors, and therapists recommend following a marriage plan. Left to our own, we tend to wing it or read marriage tips. In my previous post about making a happy marriage plan, I discussed why those two methods fail. In this article I give you […]

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Learn How to Make a Happy Marriage Plan – Part 1

Marriage Plan - Part 1

Do you have a marriage plan, “wing it,” or follow marriage tips? Marriage coaches, counselors, and therapists all teach proven marriage plans that work. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t take the time to develop our own marriage plan. In this part 1 of a 2-part series, I will explore the two most common ways […]

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How to Flourish in an Unequal Love Relationship

Unequal Love

Unequal is a normal part of relationships. There is a natural ebb and flow to . When is out of balance for an extended period of time, it is painful. It makes one evaluate the relationship. In this article, I show you how to get the back in balance. Balancing the […]

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