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About Mark Jala

Happy Marriage Coaching is brought to you by marriage coach, consumer advocate, and researcher Mark Jala. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Virginia Tech. While much of his career has been problem-solving computer problems, his passion for helping people has brought him full circle back to his psychology roots.

Mark has experienced the highs and lows of relationships. Some years ago at a low point, Mark found himself doing some deep introspection. That’s when he said, “enough is enough.” He needed to figure out the relationship puzzle. In an interesting twist, that’s when his quest to solve the relationship puzzle coincided with another area he was researching. What he thought were two separate projects soon became one.

Mark Jala

It was an unanticipated discovery. Mark loves to cook. When a nephew was at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY, he saw firsthand what such training could do. Mark saw how his nephew's cooking skills dramatically improved with each passing year. To challenge himself, Mark set out to see how much he could improve his cooking skills as a non-chef already with a career. Mark took local cooking classes. He took online cooking classes. He invested in cookbooks. He bought the instructional DVD’s. With his usual research vigor, Mark sought out the best way to consistently cook aromatic, attractive, and delicious food. Mark amassed a lot of information but was missing the thread that tied it all together. Mark discovered the common thread when he realized all the components of cooking, the methods, ingredients, techniques, presentation, etc., are all integrated, he found the key to making aromatic, attractive, and delicious meals on a
consistent basis.

While doing his cooking research, Mark discovered there are many marital benefits of home cooked family meals. Families who eat dinner together five or more times a week have happier marriages, less conflict, and happier children.

Now, Mark's quest to solve the relationship puzzle was intertwined with his cooking research. The idea to apply the best practices of the top marriage experts during family meals was born!

As Mark researched the top marriage experts like Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Greg Baer, Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. John Gray, and others, he amassed a lot of information. Like the cooking information he gathered, the marriage information was also missing a common thread that produces consistent results. Mark knew these marriage experts have excellent results in coaching, better than most counselors or therapists. In digging deeper into the techniques they all used to get these superior results, Mark found his answer.

Mark teaches couples how to apply the best practices of top marriage experts, so they can enjoy a happy marriage.

The common threads Mark discovered when researching the top marriage experts is what makes up his Happy Marriage Coaching Method. It is a 5-step process for transforming ordinary marriages into happier and more passionate marriages.

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