Learn How To Resolve Money Issues In Your Marriage

  • 12 common causes of money problems in a marriage helps you understand the root cause of the issues and why the relationship must be healed at the same time as the money issue.
  • 4 money and 4 relationship strategies gives you a thorough balance of time tested and proven action plans.
  • 30, 60, and 90-day plans with step-by-step instructions are easy to implement for quick results.
  • 5 money myths debunked gives you confidence you are working with the most accurate information.

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Mark Jala

“Money issues cannot be resolved by just looking at the money side of things. Money issues can ONLY be resolved by addressing BOTH the finances and the marriage relationship, at the same time.”

Mark Jala - Founder and Certified Marriage Coach

Be in Control of Your Money

Money Issues

4 Money and 4 Relationship Strategies

A holistic approach assembles the best advice from top experts. Conquer guilt, resentment, and fear. Create a marriage full of love, respect, and emotional connection.

Step by Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions

Anyone can follow the easy instructions to implement the 8 strategies. Read the strategies and action plans first, and then follow the recommended step-by-step instructions for the 30, 60, and 90-day plans.


30, 60, 90-Day Plans

It doesn't have to be difficult. I developed these strategies, based on top experts, so that you can start to see results quickly, creating the habits for a lifetime of financial and marriage success.

Myths Debunked

5 Money Myths Debunked

Having the wrong information about money can hand-cuff you to living paycheck to paycheck and loaded with debt. Free yourself from money myths that are costing you money and happy relationships.

Resolve Money Issues
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