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Reignite the Love

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Welcome To Reignite The Love

Let's Get Started!

Reignite the Love

Start Here
- Beginning Assessment

This is where it all starts. Take this beginning assessment as soon as you can. 

Reignite the Love

Week 1
- The Foundation - Part 1

We start with four lessons including all three pertaining to your 13 personal needs. Take your time and complete the exercises.

Reignite the Love

Week 2
- The Foundation - Part 2

This week we focus on emotional intelligence and expectations. This is how to execute your loving actions.

Reignite the Love

Week 3
- Best Practices - Part 1

Learn the best practices of happily married couples. Also learn what not to do. Learn the power of rituals.

Reignite the Love

Week 4
- Best Practices - Part 2

Learn how to use gender differences to your advantage. Having issues about sex? This is the week you don't want to miss! 

Reignite the Love

Week 5
- Long-Term Practices - Part 1

Develop practices leading to constant improvement of your marriage. Learn the key to keeping your partner feeling secure.

Reignite the Love

Week 6
- Long-Term Practices - Part 2

Develop conflict management skills like a pro! Learn the skills that will help you keep your happy marriage happy long term.

Reignite the Love

Special 1:1 Coaching BONUS!!
- Released After Week 3

After you have a few weeks of training under your belt, schedule your 1-hr one-on-one coaching session with Mark.


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