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Comment Policy

We love and encourage comments. Comments are a great way for us to learn from you and understand where we need to provide service.

Comment systems, however, are often plagued by inappropriate content, spammers, and language not conducive to a free exchange of ideas. Therefore, we establish this policy for anyone leaving a comment on this blog.

Anyone who posts a comment on this blog must abide by this policy.

  1. Use respectful language. Any language that does not honor this blog, it’s writers, or other commenters will be grounds for the deletion of said comment entry.
  2. No solicitations are allowed. Any post that is not relevant, or a thinly veiled attempt to be relevant, where the main purpose is to solicit sales or draw visitors to another site, will be deleted.
  3. Be respectful of property rights and each other. We will not allow any links or attention drawn to illegal sites, pornography, illegal downloading, or the promotion of said sites or activities.
  4. We reserve the right to change or delete any comment. Any comment we deem to be mean-spirited, uncivil, or against any policy, we reserve the right to delete or modify it.

By following these simple rules, everyone is encouraged to freely share what is on your mind, what you are feeling, and what is happening in your life.

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Mark Jala

Mark Jala is a certified marriage coach, researcher, and consumer advocate. Mark bases all of his strategies and programs on verifiable research from top marriage experts. Certified in strategic interventions, Mark's holistic approach to marriage coaching gets to the root of problems, reducing the chance issues can resurface..