How to Turn Your OK Marriage Into an AWESOME Marriage in as Little as 30 Days

Reignite the passion, love, and emotional connection with 3 PROVEN strategies and over 27 actions you can take to get fast long-term results.

  • 30 day plan helps you get started quickly to get fast results
  • Specific instructions makes it easy to follow and gives you confidence you are doing it properly
  • Examples lets you see how your own marriage can improve and reignite love and connection
  • 27 action steps offers you flexibility letting you choose which actions suit your marriage and personality
Mark Jala

" Imagine 30 days from now living the AWESOME marriage you dream about. It's time to reignite the spark you once had. Your marriage can be BETTER than it's ever been. Let me show you how, today! "

Mark Jala - Founder and Marriage Coach at

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