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To provide the highest value for my coaching clients, I start each month with an article and an exercise that focuses on the topic for that month. This article and exercise should be completed prior to the coaching session to maximize our time together. This way, more of our valuable time together, whether it is by audio, email, or Skype/phone, is not data gathering, but rather actual coaching.

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I offer 3 coaching programs. If you feel you can benefit from one of these programs, I encourage to take action and sign up right now. Taking action in marriage is critical to a long-term and happy marriage.

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Personal marriage coaching is the most effective way to resolve marriage problems and put your marriage on the path to long-term happiness. Coaching is done by Skype video or phone calls.

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Guided marriage coaching is the most cost-effective way to resolve minor to moderate marriage issues. It costs half of Personal Marriage coaching, and is performed exclusively by email.

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Audio Marriage Coaching is the most effective way to transform your OK Marriage to an AWESOME Marriage, and maintain a high level of love, respect, and emotional connection for the long term. Coaching is primarily done by audio sessions, and supported by the same training materials, assessments, and exercises as the personal and guided coaching programs. 

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